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DXN Spirulina Dosage per Day

Spirulina Doage Per Day

You must be looking to know more about DXN Spirulina dosage per day we have detailed mentioned everything, Well this is very most common question users ask about Spirulina.

How many mg of spirulina per day

Dxn Spirulina tablets are 250mg means if you take 4 tabs that contain 1000mg which is equal to one gram. So if you take morning afternoon and evening after a meal that would be 3 times which means you are taking 3 grams per day which is normal, I have seen people consuming 10 grams per day in normal life.

Dosage of spirulina

Conclusion: Normally you can take 9 to 12 tablets in a single day its 100% organic and vegetable food. But if you have kidney issues we suggest you do not use spirulina if you have kidney problem because it has a high level of nutrition.

dxn spirulina tablets

DXN Spirulina, DXN’s newest addition to the DXN family of products is a dietary supplement that contains natural Chlorella extracts that help in maintaining your body’s immune system as well as your general well-being.

Spirulina has been recognized around the world for its wide range of health benefits and nutritional values. DXN Spirulina contains pure 100% natural Spirulina extract, free from any synthetic additives or colorings, and is safe for anyone to take.

DXN Spirulina comes in convenient capsules and can be taken anytime or anywhere it will also help you save time from preparing food supplements since it is easy to store and carry. The dosage varies from person to person, and it is recommended that you consult DXN Customer Service before taking DXN Spirulina. We have briefly discussed about How many Spirulina tablets should I take a Day

DXN would like to recommend 10mg per day as a starting dosage for those who are not used to taking spirulina supplements*.

Spirulina has been used as a food supplement since ancient times and was discovered by the Aztecs thousands of years ago.

Lots of people as for is DXN Spirulina safe for use.

It was said that this superfood has been responsible for providing physical strength and stamina to Mesoamerican Indians who were known at that time as very hardworking people. *DXN Spirulina is a pure vegetarian supplement.


How many spirulina tablets should i take a day?

Normally you can take up to 2 to 4gm in a single day, for tablets it can be around 12 Tabs in a day. That will help to full one day of nutrition power into the body.

When to take spirulina morning or night?

Spirulina can be taken at any time. there is no specific time period. But the best recommendations are you should use it in the morning time to get full nutrition into your body.