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Tea Tree Oil Price in Pakistan

Tea Tree Oil Price in Pakistan

What Is tea tree oil?

Tea tree oil is a type of essential oil derived from tea trees that is sometimes used as an alternative or complementary therapy for various conditions. However, tea tree oil having great results as people used this product.

Tea Tree Price in Pakistan

Check out the below image you can see the product price while checking the tea tree cream image its easily available in Pakistan.

DXN Tea Tree Cream
Tea Tree Cream / Oil

It can be found at most drug stores and is often added to lotions and shampoos. Some people also use tea tree oil as a natural remedy for dandruff, acne, lice and even nail fungus.

Tea tree oil is taken from tea tree leaves and stems, much like eucalyptus. It can be used to treat things such as nail fungus or acne because tea tree oil has antiseptic properties.

Tea tree oil has been used by the Australian Aborigines for tea tree tea to treat open wounds and improve general health. Only recently has tea tree oil become popular in other parts of the world. Tea tree oil is taken from tea trees, much like eucalyptus. It can be used to treat things such as acne or nail fungus because tea tree oil has antiseptic properties.

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Tea tree oil is made from the leaves of a plant called Melaleuca Alternifolia, which is native to Australia.

The small greenish-yellow flowers are soluble in water and can be used for extraction. The product is a colorless or pale yellow clear liquid. Tea Tree Oil has a fresh, pleasant smell with a pungent odor. It has been used for centuries by Australian aborigines as an important ingredient in many medicines and ointments to treat infections. In modern days, tea tree oil is found in a wide variety of applications such as healthcare products, food supplements, home cleaners and natural shampoos etc.

In Pakistan, tea tree oil is available at all major chemists and herbal medicine stores under various brands such as Bio-D and Dindayal, etc. The price usually ranges from PKR 800 to 2500 per 100ml depending on the brand and quality but it can be more or less than this number.

Tea tree oil is generally diluted with olive, coconut, sunflower oil, etc due to its strong concentration which can cause skin irritation if applied directly without dilution. For acne scars removal, I would recommend purchasing a good tea-tree oil product that offers you the option of adding it to your favorite face wash or moisturizer. It is best and advisable to use this essential oil for spot treatment only and not over the whole face before consulting a dermatologist since everyone’s skin type is different and will react differently with any cream/oils/medicine.

Tea tree oil is a good remedy for many skin conditions such as acne, oily skin, dandruff, and psoriasis but it can also cause an allergic reaction on very sensitive skin so you need to be careful before purchasing a product containing tea-tree oil. Dilute the oil with water or any other face wash before using it. If you have any skin allergies then you must do a patch test first before applying it all over your face. In case of irritation/allergic reaction stop using it immediately and consult a dermatologist as soon as possible!

In short tea-tree oil is an effective medicine that has been widely used in Australia for ages due to its strong antibacterial properties which makes it a perfect choice for reducing acne scars. It is not only effective treatment for your acne scars, it also improves the overall health of your skin and provides hydration that reduces wrinkles and fine lines!

If you have any further questions about tea tree oil or its uses then feel free to leave a comment below. Thank you 🙂

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Tea tree oil, or melaleuca as it’s also known is extracted from the leaves of a native Australian plant. The camphor-like scent of this yellowish liquid has preserved many coffers in Australia and abroad with its healing properties including being an effective antibacterial agent against various types of infections like MRSA (tuberculosis), STI’s (STD’), and even acne! It can be used neat on skin cancers but make sure you don’t let your bottle go dry by exposing them to air because then they’ll start oxidizing which will muddy up their color slightly as well change composition entirely so keep away from any breakages – just store upside down where the light won’t reach these precious bottles. Diluted with a carrier oil it makes a good massage oil and is reputed to be helpful against lice and nits, earaches, toothache, and even sore throats.

Tea tree oil is also used as a household disinfectant; add a few drops to your mop water or washing up liquid, or put it in a diffuser to help clear the air of any unwanted bacteria or viruses. It’s great for cleaning out the cupboards and wardrobes too – just mix it with some water in a spray bottle and give everything a spritz. Tea tree oil is non-toxic, so you don’t need to worry about using it on your skin or around the home – but do make sure you