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Dxn Pakistan Price List

Dxn Pakistan Price List

DXN Pakistan Price List 2024

DXN has shared new price list in 2024 all products are with new expiry date.

DXN Products in Pakistan Well, lots of friends ask for DXN Pakistan Price List 2024 and on that request, I have decided to share in DXN Products Prices online so they can easily buy DXN Products.

DXN Product Price List in Pakistan

Looking for the latest DXN Pakistan price list? You’ve come to the right place! Here at Pakistani Prices, we pride ourselves on providing up-to-date pricing information on a wide range of products and services.

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DXN Products prices were updated in March 2023 after 18% GST was Imposed by the Government of Pakistan. You will be getting products at updated prices.

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DXN Pakistan Prices Updated after Govt 18% GST.

Govt of Pakistan recently took steps to batter the economy and imposed GST tax, which was 17% but now it’s 18%, a one percent increment which has taken effect to increase the prices, and the current dollar price is 270PKR as of 14 Feb 2023 in Pakistan.

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DXN products are made in Malaysia, if you are health conscious you should definitely use DXN organic products for good health which are the best supplements for today’s requirements. We have updated DXN all Product’s Price List in this section including a pdf list to check it now.

Pricing History for updation

Prices are updated as of July 2022, Mention updated list is from the Current one.
DXN Products prices have been updated in March 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

DXN Price list 2022

Update After Covid 2021

The price list for DXN products in Pakistan is set to be revised. DXN Products are manufactured in Malaysia, but due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, global travel and business activities have been severely disrupted. As a result, DXN Products has also been affected, with transportation bans and the suspension of airline and cargo services around the world being major factors contributing to this.

But the Good news is DXN products are available now in Pakistan just order buy adding products in a cart and ship them at your home.

DXN Product’s Online Price

You can get DXN Products updated prices online at DXNpoint. if you need any specific country price list you may email us for that particular country price list.

How to buy DXN Products Online

Buying DXN Products online is now a very easy way, just order here and get your products online at your doorstep in Pakistan.

Where to buy DXN Products

DXNPoint.co is the online option available You may directly order here, Visit our Shop section, and view all products listed at the top menu.